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Our mission is to teach graduate students the skillsets they need to complete their programs. We have helped hundreds of graduate students across the world complete their MAs and PhDs. Let us show you how. 

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What is

The Grad Academy?


You’re a graduate student.

You seek to finish your program and not be one of the 50% that drop out. You have drive. You have determination. And you need practical guidance on how to complete your program.

The Grad Academy is a self-paced, empirically-based workshop designed to teach you all of the skills you need to succeed in your program. That way, you can finally start thinking about how you can make a difference, instead of worrying about how to finish your program.


Master Academic Writing

The Grad Academy teaches you how to craft your academic papers, theses, and dissertations.

Conquer Academic Reading

We teach you the methods to quickly and effectively read and comprehend academic articles and books.

Speed up your research

We teach you how to approach research without wasting time drowning in sources.

Overcome Impostor Phenomenon

Feeling like a fraud? The Grad Academy teaches you how impostor feelings affect your success and how to overcome them.

Hands down the most useful and relevant workshop I have experienced in my grad school journey.


PhD Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum

I learned how to structure my writing, read articles for reviews, and outside resources that can help manage my time and writing so that I can be successful in my graduate program. I feel more confident that I can learn how to write like professionals in my field and publish in a top journal before I finish my program, something I was not sure I could do before The Grad Academy.”


PhD, Management

Every part of that workshop was just jaw-dropping. I thought ‘Oh, my goodness gracious, if I would’ve had this last semester, I would’ve been so much less stressed’!


PhD Political Science

Who is

The Grad Academy?


Jonathan Cisco, PhD

Jonathan Cisco, PhD


Jonathan has trained hundreds of graduate students from across the disciplines in how to succeed in their programs. He specializes in Literacy in Higher Education, particularly writing, reading, and researching in academia. His recent work has been published in Higher Education Research and DevelopmentJournal of Further and Higher Education, and Literacy Research and Instruction.

Jayme Cisco, PhD

Jayme Cisco, PhD


Jayme Cisco brings cultural and methodological expertise to The Grad Academy with years of supporting reading, writing, and researching at the graduate level. A cultural anthropologist and public health expert by training, Jayme’s recent work has been published in Human Nature. 

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