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The Grad Academy Online teaches graduate students how to overcome imposter phenomenon and build concrete, empirically-based academic skill sets needed to thrive in their programs, reduce stress, and effectively manage their time. We created The Grad Academy to save you the headache, wasted time, and toil that we experienced as graduate students.

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  • Master academic writing for your courses, theses, and dissertations
  • Read and retain information from academic articles and books quickly and efficiently
  • Balance school and life seamlessly
  • Complete your programs in record time
  • Harness the research findings on how successful academics read, write, and think
  • Overcome impostor phenomenon feelings
  • Organize and analyze tons of research with ease
  • Enjoy your academic life!

Jonathan Cisco, PhD

Your Instructors

Building on their personal expertise in literacy and culture in higher education, as well as pedagogical research, Jonathan and Jayme created The Grad Academy to successfully guide graduate students through their academic programs. The Grad Academy Live has been celebrated in graduate programs across the disciplines at multiple state universities. Now with The Grad Academy Online, you can join the community of graduate students who are thriving in their programs and learning to enjoy the process!

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Jayme Cisco, PhD

Jonathan earned his Master’s degree in Political Science and PhD in Literacy Education at the University of Missouri. He was able to complete his award-winning dissertation in 7 months, from data collection to defense, and completed his entire PhD in four years. In that time, Jonathan worked full-time as a writing program administrator, taught in the Honors College and College of Education, became a father, published in top peer-reviewed journals, and presented his research at over 25 conferences. The experience of wearing many hats while navigating through the many challenges of graduate school led him to pursue the study of imposter phenomenon and the issues that induce such feelings in students. He developed a workshop series to address these issues, combat imposter phenomenon, and help graduate students learn the tools that are seldom taught. After graduation, he and his wife, Jayme, set out to refine the workshop and help their student colleagues overcome some of the most common challenges we face in graduate school.

Jayme earned her Master’s and PhD in Anthropology, as well as a certificate in Public Health, at the University of Missouri. She completed her PhD coursework and comprehensive exams in three semesters, after which, she gave birth to their first child (now expecting their second!). She soon had to learn how to juggle taking care of a colicky infant full-time, working as a writing tutor, and teaching at the university, all while in the dissertation stage of her program. From data collection to defense, Jayme completed her dissertation in 10 months. In addition, Jayme has presented her research at the top anthropological conference in the world and won awards for excellence in tutoring, teaching, and research. Like Jonathan, she wants to share the tools and skills she learned to save other graduate students the headache of re-inventing the wheel.

Course Overview

Feeling Overwhelmed by Graduate School?

Do you ever feel like you don’t belong in your program, or that you are missing something that everyone else has figured out?

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the workload and don’t know what tools can help you manage your writing and research?

Do you ever procrastinate a writing project, not sure where to start?

Do you spend hours reading articles to find that you didn’t comprehend what you read?

We created The Grad Academy to help graduate students overcome imposter phenomenon feelings and provide them with the tools they need to thrive. Reduce your stress and increase your productivity by learning how to:

  • Overcome Imposter Phenomenon
  • Think Like an Academic
  • Streamline your Reading Process
  • Conquer Academic Writing
  • Manage your Time Using the Best Tools

Don’t waste another hour of your life trying to re-invent the graduate school wheel – enroll today!

Impostor Phenomenon and Academia
Impostor phenomenon can affect as much as 70-90% of highly-capable graduate students, leading to low-motivation, procrastination, and high drop-out rates. Learn how to overcome these feelings and thrive in your academic career.
How to Think Like Successful Academics
Learn how to emulate the best of academics by modeling their thinking and academic processes.
Academic Efficiency
Learn how to achieve efficiency and efficacy in your academic work, from effective research practices to efficient uses of the best technology.
Academic Reading
One of the greatest challenges for graduate students is to balance reading comprehension and time spent reading articles. In this course, you will learn research-based techniques to blaze through your reading while increasing comprehension.
Academic Writing
Graduate students often find themselves blocked and unable to compose effective academic prose. Let us teach you the most efficient and effective writing processes of successful academics.
Academic Research
Learn techniques to manage and organize your academic research to save time and increase productivity.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Our live workshop has been celebrated by universities across multiple disciplines, and now graduate students everywhere can have access to this transformative program. With The Grad Academy Online, you can learn the essential skills you need to thrive in your program at your own pace, anywhere, across all your devices. You will have UNLIMITED ACCESS throughout your graduate program, and you can revisit the material as needed.

“Allowing myself to embrace imposter phenomenon while simultaneously encountering useful, instantly practical, and thoughtful writing strategies has changed my relationship with writing, the way that I teach graduate and undergraduate students to approach writing assignments, and my confidence as a scholar. It has completely transformed what I thought I was capable of doing and what I though I was capable of becoming. Due to this program, writing has become enjoyable! No longer, and never again, do I have to languish in isolated self-criticism, or the paralyzing fear of writing. My perception of the barriers to success in the filed of academics continually diminish. Now, I can use my writing skills to my advantage as an artist/teacher/researcher. Remarkably, with the help of this program, scholars from any field are prepared to become prolific and fearless writers of research and beyond.”


PhD Student in Education

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What We Offer Students

When you enroll in The Grad Academy Online, you will receive:

  • Access to hours of professional videos teaching you how to succeed in graduate school – the exact same content as our face-to-face workshop
  • Recommendations and links to the best software tools to use in your research and classes
  • Unlimited access for the duration of your graduate school program

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Learn The Skill sets you need to succeed in your program
Graduate students typically have to learn reading, writing, thinking, and research skills through grit or trial-and-error. After going through The Grad Academy, participants regularly exclaim, “Why didn’t I learn this sooner!?” Don’t waste any more time trying to figure it out – let us help you.
Reduce Stress and Finish Sooner
Graduate school is stressful and expensive, both monetarily and emotionally. Let us teach you the most effective and efficient means of getting through your program sooner while dramatically reducing the stress-inducing elements of academia.

“Jonathan and Jayme move beyond the mechanics of academic reading and writing. Using methods grounded in research, they facilitate a learning journey that graduate students find transformational. The Grad Academy moves students toward self-efficacy as they learn to master essential scholarship skills. It is an academic reading and writing program without equal.”

Robin Walker, PhD

Leadership & Professional Development Programs, University of Missouri, Office of Graduate Studies

“Jonathan Cisco is a dynamic presenter who quickly establishes rapport and credibility with his audience. Graduate students, faculty, and administrators will appreciate learning from him!”

Marty Townsend, PhD

Professor Emerita of English, University of Missouri

Testimonials from Graduate Students

Hear how The Grad Academy can transform your graduate school experience from graduate students just like you:

“I am so thankful for this opportunity and want to share my heartfelt thanks for helping me on this journey!!! Hands down the most useful and relevant workshop I have experienced in my grad school journey.”

PhD Student in Psychology


“All the advice I’ve ever received about [academic] reading has all sounded so distant because I had no idea how to actually do it or what it should look like. Watching you go through a paper was not just eye-opening, it was freeing. I felt like a huge stumbling block had been removed, and I could see so much more clearly how to navigate through an article.”

PhD Student in Educational Psychology

“Every part of that workshop was just jaw-dropping. I thought ‘Oh, my goodness gracious, if I would’ve had this last semester, I would’ve been so much less stressed’!”

PhD Student in Education

In The Grad Academy, I “learned how to structure [my] writing, quickly scan and read articles for reviews, and outside resources that can help manage my time and writing so that I can be successful in my graduate program. I feel more confident that I can learn how to write like professionals in my field and publish in a top journal before I finish my program, something I was not sure I could do before The Grad Academy.”

PhD Student in Management

“I was working for about 4 years before returning to grad school and feelings of imposter phenomenon are in my everyday life. It was really nice to see that I’m not the only one. On the other hand, I still cannot believe how easily applicable all the techiques are that I was introduced to, and the amount of time that I have saved using the apps!”

MA Student in Higher Education and Student Affairs


“The Grad Academy introduced me to software and apps that will save me a significant amount of time in the editing and information gathering processes. It was spectacular to have someone who intimately understands the academic process put a filtered list of tools in front of me. I have already started using several of the applications. In addition to the technological aspect, it was helpful to have guidance on how to efficiently approach research articles and get what I need. Sometimes it is necessary to have someone who is in the ‘club’ reinforce that it is not just okay to scan but essential to the task to scan, question and review versus reading word for word through an entire piece of academic writing.”

PhD Student in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis

“Going through The Grad Academy made me see the light in the tunnel… I’m far from the end but it provided me with a great starting point and made me feel like I can do it.”

PhD Student in Geographical Sciences



WHO Benefits from The Grad Academy?
The Grad Academy Online was designed to teach you skill sets applicable to all disciplines and useful at any stage of your degree. That said, we find that students in the social or physical sciences get the most out of reading and writing sections of The Grad Academy. Whether you’re just starting out or nearly completing your dissertation, the strategies we teach you will reduce your stress and increase your efficiency. We always hear from our students, “Why didn’t I learn this earlier in my degree?” We agree. Start now and set yourself up for success.
What if I'm Unsatisfied with The Grad Academy?
We are here to serve you. If you are unsatisfied, please contact us within 10 days of your purchase for a full refund.
How long will I have access to The Grad Academy Online?
We want you to be able to access The Grad Academy whenever and wherever it’s most useful. That’s why we’ve decided to give you UNLIMITED ACCESS FOR THE DURATION OF YOUR PROGRAM. So whether you’re just starting your courses or completing your dissertation, we’ll be here for you.

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